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All-Star Bowling Classic [23 Apr 2007|10:51pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Second Stage's popular All-Star Bowling Classic celebrated its 20th anniversary on April 16, as stars and supporters of the off-Broadway company gathered at Leisure Time Bowl on the second floor of the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd Street. One of the theater community's longest-running and most enjoyable benefits, the event drew a wide range of famous Second Stage alums, showing off their form. (Talk about stars in the alley!) Broadway.com donned our bowling shoes to join the fun.

From Broadway.com:

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[06 Nov 2006|11:42pm]

[ mood | hot ]

So, I really need to learn to read the rules of any site before I go rushing in. Yeah, I was going to post more pics of Matt from ATWT, and I was perusing the site and found this:

"Please do not upload my clips, photos, screencaps, articles or other content to your web site, message board and/or You Tube account! They are for your own personal use only."

I'm pretty sure what I've been doing falls under that category. I suck, but I will make icons of the pics and post them for you all! :D

But, if you want to see the pics, you can go to the site (just check back on one of my other posts for the url)

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[03 Nov 2006|11:45am]

[ mood | creative ]

You all know what this post is for, and I know what this post is for, so let's just get to the pictures, yeah?

This is the best Matt has looked so far on this show...in my opinionCollapse )

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Matt time! [02 Nov 2006|02:18pm]

So, I'm watching ATWT and I realize that I haven't posted the new pictures yet! Just three, but they're still going under the cut out of respect for those who have dialup or really slow connections. Oh, and I think in the episode on Monday he was telling Gwen, who his brothers made him listen to sing, that her last name Munson (which is his, cuz she's his sister-in-law) isn't the right last name for a singer, and that she would be much better with the name Morrison.


Oh Matthew how I love theeCollapse )

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[01 Nov 2006|03:47pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

I bright you eight, that's right, EIGHT beautiful pictures of our dear Matt. He was so cute today, even though the woman he was being sweet with was a bit of a psychopath at one point. But she's trying. She did resist Adam's (Matt) charm for a bit, but really, who can say no to that face?

Okay, enough gushing!

On to the pictures!Collapse )

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[31 Oct 2006|11:59am]

[ mood | happy ]

I hope y'all don't get sick of me, but I come bearing more ATWT pics! These are from yesterday's episode, and there is one with him in his costume! I don't know who he's supposed to be, since the theme is famous royal couples (thought they've taken liberties and made one couple Tarzan and Jane)but it doesn't really matter, because he looks good! I also learned last night that he has left the show, because of scheduling conflicts with his new Broadway project. I don't know what project that is, but because they film these shows so quickly, but I'm guessing he won't be on the show past next week. *tear* Again, the site I go the pics from is: http://www.carloadvocate.com/Offtopic.htm#Screencaps

Now on to the Matt-goodness!Collapse )

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[30 Oct 2006|03:44pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Finally, I found some pictures of Matt on ATWT from this great site: http://www.carloadvocate.com/Offtopic.htm#Screencaps and because I've found it, you know you'll be seeing more of our lovely man, hopefully looking good in the costume he was wearing today (they were at a costume ball in the show)! So without futher ado, the cut:

I have something witty pertaining to the show, but it won't make sense unless you watch it...Collapse )

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[28 Oct 2006|12:46pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I have lately become even more obsessed with Matthew since he has joined the cast of the soap opera "As the World Turns". Luckily for me, I was hooked on the show mere weeks before his start. So, I've made a few icons for you all! Just four, so I don't think a lj cut is necessary. Also, I have been scouring the internet for pictures of Matthew in the show, so if anyone knows of a place where I can find said pictures, I will love you forever!

1.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 2.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 3.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 4.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

However, a cut is needed for all this:

How to credit, resources, notes, etc.Collapse )

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[24 Oct 2006|02:28pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey everyone! New member here. I just thought that for those of you who don't know, should know that Matt's debut on "As the World Turns" as Adam is happening today! I'm on a commerical break right now, but he's shaved off all his hair, which makes me a little sad. It does help with his hotness (not that he needed any) and I am very excited to see him every day!

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simply funk. [12 Aug 2006|11:28pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I saw this and just laughed. =)
He's too cute.

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[09 May 2006|09:15pm]

[ mood | content ]

I'm new to this group!
I met Matty after seeing "Hairspray" on Broadway (pre-Tonys) and I have been a HUGE fan ever since!
Thanks for starting this group!

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eeeek! [25 Mar 2006|11:46pm]

matt morrison siting!
i just watched law and order criminal intent and guess whos on it MATT!
episode Proud Flesh this season!

okay it's offical im a dork

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[03 Feb 2006|11:52pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hiya, I'm new. Just thought I'd introduce myself. ^_^

*Name - Weez

*Location - Bath, UK

*How I first heard of Matt - I like to buy cast recordings a lot, and one day, I noticed that the dude in 'Hairspray' was the same as the dude in 'The Light In The Piazza'. It really wasn't any more profound than that, but it's really taken off since then. ^_^

*Favorite things about him - You mean aside from the fact he's really hot and super talented? Okay then, how about the fact he looks like a big dork? :D And I certainly mean that in the best possible way; he comes across as being a really sexy, really funny guy, and I can't help but crush on him madly! :3

*Random tidbits - I bought 'Marci X' because he was in it. And until my 'Once Upon A Mattress' DVD arrives, I will keep watching the Boyz R Us scene over and over again. Does that make me sad? ;D

That's it really. Not very exciting, but it was fun. :D

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In a little while... [06 Jan 2006|07:08pm]

[ mood | calm ]

*Name - Lacey

*Location - Ohio

*How I first heard of Matt - I listen to showtunes randomly on Internet radio stations like Yahoo! Launch and such. Most of it tends to be a bit lackluster, IMO, especially with modern Broadway shows; however, I heard the song "Say It Somehow" from The Light in the Piazza and was hooked on his voice immediately. It definitely doesn't hurt that he's super hot, too.

*Favorite things about him - Like I mentioned, he's cute, but I'm a BIG choir/singing dork and his voice is definitely what got me interested in Matthew. He's really an amazing talent.

*Random tidbits - Um... just to reaffirm my dorky nature... I got to play the part of Lady Larken in my school's performance of Once Upon a Mattress last year... and so when I found out that Matthew was playing Sir Harry in the Disney version, I absolutely melted. =P That's all.

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Survey- Hi Elle!! [22 Dec 2005|08:56pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Name: Sara
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
How I First Heard of Matt: Hairspray
Favorite thing about Matt: His voice, he's super cute, what's not to love? I love how my boyfriend is sitting next to me as I type this. :D
Random Tidbits: While I was watching Once Upon A Mattress I almost died when Matt was singing with the super sexy shirt on. Yeah....I died. Oh, and I need some Matt icons. :( I'm deprived.

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Survey thinger [21 Dec 2005|12:26am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Name: Anne
Location: Glen Burnie Maryland
How I First Heard of Matt: I believe it was either a teen magizine or a teen people article they did on him about matt being in Footloose. they had this photo of him with this big smile a head full of curls
Favorite thing about Matt: His voice, it's just lovely andhis smile its big and devilish
Random Tidbits: I met him in Baltimore when he was touring with Hairspray. i also shamefully own the LMNT cd.

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A Naked Girl on the Appian Way [29 Oct 2005|07:11pm]

Hey guys!
I saw A Naked Girl on the Appain Way today and I just wanted to tell everyone that Matt if excellent in it! His character, Thad, is not really too bright but very sweet and energetic character. He was just flawless. There was one part when he ran over the couch, which was so funny. :)

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Once Upon a Mattress TV Musical, with Ullman, Burnett and O'Hare, Airs Dec. 18 [20 Oct 2005|07:13pm]

[ mood | calm ]

The air date of the television adaptation of the fractured musical fairy tale "Once Upon a Mattress" has now been set; it will be presented on ABC on Sunday, December 18th.

More here...

Wasn't this filmed a while ago? Finally it's airing!

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[10 Oct 2005|08:01am]

Sorry about the lack of updates, guys!

Photo Coverage: Opening Night of 'A Naked Girl on the Appian Way'

The last picture is adorable :D.

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Article in The New York Times [27 Sep 2005|07:12pm]

Here is an article about Matt Morrison from the new york times,
there was a great picture of him from Naked Girl, but I don't have a scanner and I can't find it, so it's not here.
Read more...Collapse )

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