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Hiya, I'm new. Just thought I'd introduce myself. ^_^

*Name - Weez

*Location - Bath, UK

*How I first heard of Matt - I like to buy cast recordings a lot, and one day, I noticed that the dude in 'Hairspray' was the same as the dude in 'The Light In The Piazza'. It really wasn't any more profound than that, but it's really taken off since then. ^_^

*Favorite things about him - You mean aside from the fact he's really hot and super talented? Okay then, how about the fact he looks like a big dork? :D And I certainly mean that in the best possible way; he comes across as being a really sexy, really funny guy, and I can't help but crush on him madly! :3

*Random tidbits - I bought 'Marci X' because he was in it. And until my 'Once Upon A Mattress' DVD arrives, I will keep watching the Boyz R Us scene over and over again. Does that make me sad? ;D

That's it really. Not very exciting, but it was fun. :D
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