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Article in The New York Times

Here is an article about Matt Morrison from the new york times,
there was a great picture of him from Naked Girl, but I don't have a scanner and I can't find it, so it's not here.
atthew Morrison Because of certain genetic disadvantages - a square jaw, muscular build and a gleaming white smile - Matther Morrison is doomed to play the sort of romantic leading men who show up for a ballad or two in every broadway musical and are inevitably upstaged by the more tortured and less attractive star. Being handsome, believe it or not, has its drawbacks, although Mr.Morrison, the broadway heartthrob of the moment, has so far made the most of it. He burst on the scene in "Hairspray", playing Link Larkin, a hip-swiveling singer whom every teenage girl swoons over. Three years later, he was once agaun the object of lust, but in a more challenging role as the Italian hunk in "The Light in the Piazza." This tony-nominated turn showed off his vocal and acting range as well as his strutting charm, and made people think he might be more than just a pretty face. Now comes the real test, when Mr.Morrison makes his straight-play debut in Richard Greenberg's "Naked Girl on the Appian Way." a frothy comedy in which the author of "Take Me Out" seems to be channeling his inner Neil Simon. Playing a good-looking (of course) and somewhat slow adoptee oblivious to any of life's troublesome complications, Mr.Morrison delievers some of the shows funniest lines with the athletic ease that is his trademark. At one point, his character, somewhat randomly, says that he always imagined that his real parents were gymnasts, whom he describes without a trace of irony or mean-spirtedness as "these really nice, smiley this people who were just always springing." Moments laster, he bounds off stage making you believe it could actually be true.
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