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In a little while...

*Name - Lacey

*Location - Ohio

*How I first heard of Matt - I listen to showtunes randomly on Internet radio stations like Yahoo! Launch and such. Most of it tends to be a bit lackluster, IMO, especially with modern Broadway shows; however, I heard the song "Say It Somehow" from The Light in the Piazza and was hooked on his voice immediately. It definitely doesn't hurt that he's super hot, too.

*Favorite things about him - Like I mentioned, he's cute, but I'm a BIG choir/singing dork and his voice is definitely what got me interested in Matthew. He's really an amazing talent.

*Random tidbits - Um... just to reaffirm my dorky nature... I got to play the part of Lady Larken in my school's performance of Once Upon a Mattress last year... and so when I found out that Matthew was playing Sir Harry in the Disney version, I absolutely melted. =P That's all.
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